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Any individual who is in agreement with the rules, bylaws, principles and objectives of the Association may become an Annual Member, Student Member, or a Life Member upon payment of appropriate dues. The membership dues for each year will be fixed by the General Body. Dependent members of the family or household of an Annual Member, Student Member, or Life Member are included in the membership of the Association.

Only adult members (eighteen years or older) are eligible to vote in the association’s elections.

Each Fiscal Year of the Association will begin on the first day of April and end the thirty-first day of March of the next year.

BAGN Membership

SKU: Mem23
PriceFrom $20.00
  • Select your membership duration - Annual or Term. Then select your category - Individual, Family, Student/Senior Individual or Student/Senior Family.

    Members get discounts at all BAGN events and can vote on the direction of the organization in General body meetings.

Early Bird Ends on July 22, 12 noon
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